We emphasize patient education and patient involvement in health care by taking the time to listen to our patients. Preventive health advice and support is a focus. A coherent health plan is outlined in our preventive screening handout. It explains how frequently children and adults should be seen for preventive checkups and details the frequency of certain laboratory and diagnostic tests and the most important health habits you should follow.

Soon after becoming our patient, you should have a complete examination, following which we will discuss a personalized health maintenance program with you.

We strongly believe in prevention first and in healthy life habits, and we emphasize these wellness concepts in our practice. We urge you to choose one of us as your primary care provider and to see that provider whenever possible so that a thorough knowledge of your health needs may be acquired. When it is not possible for you to see your provider, another one of us will be available.


New patients are asked to have a complete physical examination within three months so that we can review your health status with you and provide you with the best in preventive care.

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